I’m at a point in time in life where I don't want to take any more Ls especially from the SAME adversary. I want to WIN some of these battles life throws my way!

What I’ve come to realize is… You’re only as strong as your greatest weakness. Ask yourself…. 'If I were my enemy where would I attack me?' Whatever area you identify is the place you have to intentionally strengthen. Any time you’re gifted and headed in the right direction, a fight come with it. The enemy never attacks anybody who’s not a threat. He attacks those he’s scared of. And what is his war tactic? It's to ambush you in your most vulnerable place.

Today take time to identify that weakness. Maybe it’s your heart… maybe its your mind....The mind is a great servant but a terrible master.   Whatever your weakness may be, work intentionally to strengthen that area and prepare for battle... because it's coming!

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