Motive is everything. Is the purpose for what you're doing and/or saying PURE?  I think it’s safe to say my friends out there know that I’m of Christian faith.  However, I have been blessed to meet people from various walks of life and I have some really great friends who are of different faiths. One of my good Muslim friends, Saleem Shabaaz, told me a story once & taught me a very valuable lesson on "purification of purpose" (in other words...making sure your motives are right) It is as follows:

There was a man who was killing Muslims. A Muslim soldier was able to apprehend him. He pinned him down and drew his sword to kill him! When he did the killer spat in his face. The Muslim soldier slowly put his sword up, and let the man up. So he said… Are you crazy? You had me down and could’ve killed me. The soldier responded and said 'Had I killed you BEFORE you spat in my face it would’ve been in the name of Allah/my God… But when you spat in my face you made me angry and my motive for killing you changed'."

Think about it for a while… and try to remember to always gauge your actions and/or words by your MOTIVES. Are they pure?

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