In an interview with Gale King at the 2019 Essence Festival, our forever First Lady, Michelle Obama said....

Pick people to be in your life like you would pick your teammates. Nobody wants a weak player on their team, and you should be leery of the man or woman who just wants the easy person… the person who’s not going to force them to grow… the person who doesnt EXPECT them to change… somebody who’s not going to hold them accountable.

I will say this, and I’m preaching to myself as well…. If you want to be on a winning team, you’re not going to pick a bench warmer to come in and think they’re gonna enhance your game. You’re gonna pick someone who can be strong when you’re weak…. Who will run ahead of you when you’re tired; and ultimately, someone who can pick up the pieces and help make your set back your biggest comeback.

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