The verdict yesterday regarding the murder of BreonnaTaylor broke my heart and I’ll be honest….it pissed me off. 1 of 3 police officers involved in the shooting were indicted. Not on a murder charge…. But for “wonton endangerment”. What in the ENTIRE heck is that? 'General Attorney Cameron, has anyone in the United States everrr been charged with wonton endangerment???' Asking for the black community.

Let me tell you what that basically means….. It’s a Class D felony in the state of Kentucky that is basically charging the officer for the bullets that MISSED Breonna Taylor. Let that sink in that they cared more about the WALLS in the house than they did Breonna Taylor. Let that sink in.

The dogs in the Mike Vick case got more justice than  Breonna Taylor. Let that sink in.

Wear all the Black Lives Matters paraphernalia you want to…. But unless you’re going to the polls November 3rd and encouraging others to do the same, you might as well take ya shirt off and your fist down.

October 5th is the last day to get registered to vote. GET IT DONE. WE CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO. Also, you don't have to wait til Nov. 3rd to vote. VOTE EARLYYour voting puts people in power seats who will see to it that verdicts such as the one in Breonna Taylor's case and so many other black men and women comes to an end.

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