You will not find your place until you discover your purpose. I know I talk a lot about purpose, but do know that purpose is the ONLY reason you exist. At this point in life, you HAVE to have a deeper sense of why you exist on this earth... Or at least why you've buried family members and friends, but you're still here. Why the car wreck didn't kill or why the heart break didn't make you lose your mind. It's because you still have a purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.  Good thing for us though... (Well good thing for me, at least) Purpose doesn't require perfection. If it did, I would've been disqualified a long time ago.  However, it does require your AVAILABILITY.   (POW continued below)

Make yourself available in 2019 to:  1... PAY ATTENTION to what your purpose is if you don't already know. And 2... make yourself available to carry it out. More on purpose tomorrow... Same time. Same place.

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